5 Pieces of Advice to Help You Succeed During Midterms

The semester is beginning to get more intense with midterms right around the corner.  It is important to finish the semester strong and ace your exams.  Here are a few pieces of advice, which will help bring you success for this semester!


1. Plan Ahead

It is important to plan ahead when you know that you have upcoming exams.  If you plan ahead, it will ensure that you stay organized.  Being organized is extremely important because it will help you with time management.  Time management is the key to your success as a student.  If you schedule different times for studying in advance, you will be sure to follow your schedule.  You know yourself best so plan ahead and study at times where you know that you will be able to concentrate and avoid distractions.  Planning ahead will also ensure that you are not multi-tasking.  Multi-tasking is inefficient when it comes to being organized so make sure you put your phone away and focus on the material you are trying to retain.


2. Form a Study Group

with Friends & Classmates

Study groups in college can be a good idea, especially when studying for a big exam.  Sometimes your friends or classmates may understand something that you did not understand, so they can teach you to help you understand.  We can even be more inclined to go and study if we know that it is with our friends because we will not have FOMO (fear of missing out).  I know that sounds crazy, but it is true, some people will not study if they think they are missing out on something.  When you have the opportunity to study with your peers take it, because you can learn a lot from each other.


3. Go to Office Hours or to

the Learning Commons to

Ask Questions

If you do not understand something after a lecture or even while studying, it is important that you go to office hours or to the Learning Commons ASAP.  If you can’t figure it out, there is no shame in asking questions.  Don’t be a tuition burner.  You pay tuition to attend school so make sure that you use all of the resources that are available to you.  A lot of times, it is easier to understand and comprehend things one on one as opposed to being in class with twenty other kids.

4. Relax

Make sure that you do not stress yourself out.  As a student, life can get stressful very quickly.  It is important that we all take time to relax so we can avoid getting extremely stressed out.  Students who are stressed out, often can not work to their fullest potential.  It is especially important to make sure that you are not stressed out during times when you have exams scheduled.  If you are stressed out about studying, take a break and go for a walk or even throw on a quick episode of your favorite show on Netflix.  That way when you go back to doing school work you will have a clear head so you can retain all of the information that you are studying.


5. Get Plenty of Rest

It is important to make sure that you are getting enough sleep before and during midterms.  Do not stay up all night to study.  Our bodies need time to rest after a long day of studying and our brains need the time to process all of the information that we are putting into them.  You may think that drinking four cups of coffee is the answer to all of your problems, but this is just a temporary fix and will cause you to crash later on in the day.  Getting enough sleep is key in ensuring that you are successful with studying and also getting an excellent grade on your exam.




Bridget Colburn

Bridget Colburn

Hey there! My name is Bridget and I am from Walpole, MA. I am a Diagnostic Medical Sonography major and I am the photographer for Regis Life. Regis College class of 2020.