Don’t Wait Until Senior Year: 5 Tips to Get a Summer Internship

Internships may seem scary and many students might not know exactly what an internship entails.  However, internships aren’t only for seniors and upper class students, which means that if you have the time to complete your internship in the summer, it will really help you in the long run.


Why might you want to start your internship in the summer?  There are so many reasons to choose from.


Completing a summer internship will not only keep you focused on the internship without the demands of school and extracurricular activities getting in your way, but also you are able to get some experience for your future career.  Completing an internship gives you a better understanding of the career you wish to pursue.  Here are five tips and tricks to help you get your summer internships:


1. Do the research


The best thing to do to start your internship process is to research companies within your area as well as a broad to keep your options open.  Reach out to individuals you have connections with to see if there are any possible internships within your field of interest.  However, remember to give yourself a few months before you start the internship to research companies and apply for jobs.  Learn the history of the company you want to intern for and study the website.  Employers are impressed when an individual interviewing for a position understands the company, the mission of the company as well put the effort into getting to know the company he or she is interning for.


2. Beef up your resume and cover letter


Your resume and cover letter are what will differentiate you from the other people who are also applying for the same job so make yourself amazing by really putting the effort in.  Make sure you use some of the notes you took about the companies and apply some of your own skills to what you know about the company as well as the position you are applying for.


3. Go out and make some connections


Networking is one of the greatest resources you have at your fingertips.  How do you network?

Start by talking with your adviser, talk to your friends, talk to your family, and even to individuals you may not know that well.  Networking is an excellent opportunity to make connections that will serve you well in the future.  These individuals could be the difference between getting an internship and having to search for months more and these connections could also talk you up to your future employer for job opportunities.

4. Brush up on your interview skills


Dazzle your interviewer with your ability to communicate how amazing you are.  Make some notes from your resume about your skills and look up some common questions that interviewers ask to practice your answers.  Also, write down some questions you have about the position or the company to show that you are interested and engaging.  If you are struggling, reach out to a friend, a classmate, a professor, or even your adviser to practice on your interview skills.

5. Send out “Thank You” notes


After your interview, send out a “Thank You” note, whether it be handwritten or an email, to your interviewers.  This shows that you are considerate and that you appreciate the opportunity.  Also, it will keep your name in the interviewer’s mind.


These are some tips, but, if you have any further questions or need help, head to the Center of Internships and Career Development, which is located in College Hall to talk with Susan Kennedy to get you ahead of the game.



Adrianna Kinney

Adrianna Kinney

Hi! I'm a first-year student at Regis College and I am double majoring in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, and Psychology. I love reading and writing, mostly fiction, and I hope to make a career out of it.