Perks of Being a Biology Major at Regis

By: Emily Spillane, Orientation Leader

1. Small class and lab sizes

In the STEM department, most classes and labs hold a maximum of twenty students.  This makes for a comfortable lecture environment where students feel free to ask questions and Professors engage students in demonstrations to present in a more efficient manor.  In labs, the class size allows for much more one on one work between Professors and lab groups.  The more direct approach reduces the risks of errors and safety violations.

2. Lab assistant work-study positions

Though many students do not know, the science building is home to a variety of work-study positions open to science majors in any grade.  Students can work in microbiology, cell biology, chemistry, neurobiology, and the list continues.  The work-study positions help students gain confidence in their lab skills as well as help develop an understanding of the preparation that takes place before each lab. Regis’ small size allows for more students per class to have the opportunity to work behind the scenes.

3. Guidance when picking the right internship

Professors in the biology department are more than willing to help students earn an internship. They help direct towards open positions, write letters of recommendation, and help students form a list of the skills they’ve mastered during their labs.

4. Lab availability after class

At night, there are almost always labs and research rooms available for use.  Students can work on unfinished projects, conduct research, finish up work-study duties, or simply study in unoccupied labs whenever they need.  This serves as a great benefit to students because microscopes, diagrams, and some computer software programs are only accessible in the science building and busy STEM majors don’t always have the time to go during the day.

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