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5 things to expect as an overnight guest at Regis

We are excited to see some new faces and welcome prospective students to campus as part of our Admission overnight program on Wednesday, February 20th. These future members of the Pride will get a taste of college life and what it means to be a member of our community.

To our guests — are you nervous about spending the night?

Don’t worry, there have been many students before you who felt the same way when they were in your shoes.

I was nervous myself when I had my overnight visit at Regis a few years ago, but I ended up having a wonderful time and meeting some of my closest friends that night.

I will give you a few hints to make the most of your experience.

Here are five things you can expect when you attend the overnight program:


1. Tasting the food

Have you been wondering if the food is any good? You can see for yourself if there are options that not only meet your dietary restrictions but your taste buds. This is a time for you to get creative and see what our dining hall can offer.

2. Live like a Regis student

You will spend a night staying in one of our residence halls and experience sharing the space with a roommate. This is an important part of the college process. You will begin to figure out what you expect from a roommate as well as how to set up and organize your future room.

3. Meet new friends

Maybe you will meet someone who you click with right away. They may not be your roommate for next year, but you can start to build friendships here at the overnight. I remember meeting some of my closest friends when I visited and I am still friends with these individuals to this day.

4. Attend a class

Ask questions of your professors and see if their teaching style is something you can learn from. This is the time for you to figure out how the classroom setting functions here. Even if you are unfamiliar with the material, try to notice how the professor structures their class. Ask for a copy of the material or follow along with a current student. This is a chance for you to observe what your future college classes may be like.

5. See yourself on campus

Walk around the campus and think of areas you know you will visit frequently. Ask a current student about events and clubs on campus to see how you can get involved. Try to picture yourself on campus and follow your gut about how you feel about the campus atmosphere.

Photograph: Courtesy of Regis College

Ariana McCormack

Ariana McCormack

Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, I am currently located in Weston, Massachusetts at Regis studying Communications and minoring in writing. I play tennis for the Women's Tennis Team at Regis and I am a class officer for the Honors Program.