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5 Tips to Stay Healthy this Semester!

Follow these 5 tips to stay healthy and avoid getting sick this semester!!!


We all know that there is nothing worse than being sick while you’re away at school.  Getting a flu shot is a wonderful way to prevent yourself from getting the dreaded flu.  We are very fortunate here at Regis because we are able to get flu shots right on campus!  If you haven’t yet received your flu shot, you should definitely call health services to schedule an appointment!


2. SLEEP!!!!

If you do your research, students in college should be receiving at least 7-9 hours of sleep.  As we all know, we are lucky if we can sleep for at least 5 hours on a given night.  Lack of sleep leads to miserable college students, and when we are miserable we definitely can not focus in class.  Sleeping is important to ensure that we are awake during class so we can concentrate on what is being taught.  Lack of sleep not only leads to poor grades, but it can also weaken our immune system which makes it much easier for us to get sick.  So for the sake of your grades and immune system, get an adequate amount of sleep each night.



I hate to say it, but germs are everywhere on campus.  We are extremely fortunate here at Regis because we have a wonderful staff who clean the bathrooms, dining hall, etc.  It is a good idea to always carry hand sanitizer and use it frequently after you touch surfaces that might be dirty.  It also is a good idea to use disinfectant wipes to clean your dorm room regularly.  I know we all have a bad habit of touching our faces and mouths every now and then, but it is important to keep our hands away from there.  Wash your hands every chance you can get, and just be smart about germs in order to keep yourself healthy this semester.



College is stressful.  We are constantly studying, doing homework, sitting through classes, and taking exams.  It is important that we all make time in our schedules to wind down and relax.  When we are too stressed out and overwhelmed it wears us down which is not good for our overall health.  Be sure to find the balance between studying, homework, and also hanging out with friends.



Be sure that you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.  Hydration is a key component to a strong immune system.  Also be sure that you are eating healthy foods.  Taking vitamins daily is also another way to boost your immune system.  Along with drinking water and eating healthy- it is always good to fit in some exercise time here and there too!


Bridget Colburn

Bridget Colburn

Hey there! My name is Bridget '20 and I am from Walpole, MA. I am a Diagnostic Medical Sonography major and I am a writer for Regis Life.