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An Introduction to the Humans of Regis Campaign

Many of us have seen and heard about “The Humans of New York” photoblog, which was started by Brandon Stanton in 2010.  For those of you who are unaware, it is a website in which there are photographs of thousands of New Yorkers who also share stories from their lives.  Through this website people have the ability to take a look into the lives of strangers who are in New York.

The Regis Life staff is going to be branching off of the idea of the “Humans of New York” and creating our own “Humans of Regis College” campaign.  This will give all members of the Regis community the ability to get to know one another.  We will conduct our own interviews with people around campus and take a photograph of them which will later be published on our website.

We will be briefly interviewing students of all grades, faculty, and staff.  Our Regis Life team thinks that it is important that we share the stories of the people around us because we are all so unique.  Everyone here on campus has a different story and we want to have the ability to share them.  We all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.  Here at Regis, everybody is a somebody.  Through this campaign, we want to put a spotlight on the people in our community so they are not just a face that you pass by on your way to class.

This is a project that our Regis Life team is really looking forward to.  If you would like to nominate someone on campus to be highlighted as the human of the week email  Please include their name and grade or their name and position here at Regis.  Also include why you think that they should be nominated.  In the subject line of the email please write “Humans of Regis Nomination.”

Check back for Humans of Regis updates which will be coming soon!


Bridget Colburn

Bridget Colburn

Hey there! My name is Bridget and I am from Walpole, MA. I am a Diagnostic Medical Sonography major and I am the photographer for Regis Life. Regis College class of 2020.