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Catchin’ up with the Deans: A Reflection on New Beginnings

Dr. Kirk Lee, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

As I pulled out onto Highway 64 heading east away from Rangely, Colorado, I reflected on the fact that I was leaving the place that had been home for the last two years. The place where I strove to make an impact and made some significant connections with people who I would undoubtedly hold dear for the remainder of my life. I, then, began the process of traveling some 2800 miles across the Midwest dipping into the South and up the East coast to find my place at Regis College.

At the time I left Colorado, I had a relatively good concept of the place that would be my new home, but I still was not absolutely certain whether I had made the best decision in making this move. Like so many students, staff, and faculty before me, I was stepping out on faith and entering a new phase in life by joining the Regis team. While it has only been four weeks since my arrival, I have no regrets about my decision to come to Regis College. After attending convocation, the reason for this lack of regret became clear to me.

The overarching message of convocation was that all are welcomed at Regis and at Regis all belong. As President Hays opened the ceremony and began to speak to students, faculty, and staff, she welcomed everyone and spoke with such authority emphasizing that we all belong at Regis College. In those moments, the sincerity and gravity of her words resonated within me and was a confirmation that I made the right choice in moving across the country to work at Regis. My hope now is that I too can provide confirmation to students as well as other new faculty and staff as they journey to Regis College that they are welcome here and that here is where they belong!

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