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Convocation: Ever Widening Circles and the Importance of Inclusion

As the beginning of the school year starts, Convocation welcomes all students — new and old — back to the Regis campus with moving speeches by the faculty and staff. With the divide of the country and the recent events of bigotry and hate, the theme for this year was unveiled: ever widening circles. We as students must broaden our minds and our worlds to those around us who might be different than us to foster a fellowship that transcends bigotry.

President Toni Hays spoke about the current world climate and our ability to promote friendship and kindness in the world. We, as students and young adults, can impact our world for the better and in ways we cannot even imagine.

“You can make a change in a world that desperately needs it.” -President Hays

Daniel Leahy, Director of the Center for Ministry and Service, spoke about the importance of education in understanding those around us. He said we must learn about those around us and their experiences to be able to widen our circles. We accept those who are different from ourselves into our lives because we all belong here.

Father Paul Kilroy, our Chaplain and Campus Minister, brought up the ways that Regis demonstrated their acceptance of everyone, namely the Peace Pole in the Quad. On the Pole houses in several languages signs of peace, and students can go to it for reflection and meditation, no matter what their religion is or their language.

We are reminded of the principles of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston: gracious hospitality, love and service of the Dear Neighbor without distinction, peaceful resolution of conflict, and care for all God’s creation. We must remember that all of us at Regis are a community filled with people from all walks of life, and that we stand together in difficult, trying times. A community-wide lunch was held outside the beautiful Fine Arts Center following the Convocation ceremony.

Adrianna Kinney

Adrianna Kinney

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