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Fashion & Beauty with Ari: DIY Holiday Gift Idea

It is officially that time of the year again.  There is the worry about how as college students we will be able to afford holiday gifts for friends, family, and other individuals.  A simple trick to tackling on this task is finding DIY holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list, but how do you shift through all of the many pages on Pinterest to find what is the right DIY for you to make.  Well, you are in the right place.


I have sorted through the many Pinterest pages for you and found my favorite holiday gift idea that is not that expensive to do.  These ideas include the following:


The simple mason jar gifts with printable tags was my favorite DIY holiday gift idea.  This is the perfect way to make a gift personable without it becoming too expensive.  The best part is that there are many ways you can approach this gift making option to make it unique through personalizing it.


What do you need to make your jar?  Honestly, the items you put inside the jar can be up to you to decide, but there are various options shown for the Pinterest page I found on this.  However, the beginning supplies to make these jars include:


1. White card stock.

2. Ribbon.

3. Mason jars.

4. Scissors.

5. Gift tags.

6. Jar toppers.


The best place to get these materials start at Michaels or A.C. Moore and I also highly recommend the dollar store or target to get the remaining products for the jars.  You can add simple things, such as candy, snacks and treats, inexpensive beauty products or small stocking stuffers.


Either way you approach this jar making gift idea, it will be a personalized gift for the individual you wish to share it with.  And it is a great way to show that you care without losing all of your life savings in the process.  It is also not that time consuming to create these gifts.  Now go out there and spread some holiday cheer with your DIY holiday gifts.


To find out more information on how to make this DIY holiday gift idea, please visit the following link:


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Ariana McCormack

Ariana McCormack

Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, I am currently located in Weston, Massachusetts at Regis studying Communications and minoring in writing. I play tennis for the Women's Tennis Team at Regis and I am a class officer for the Honors Program.