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Flash to the Past: A Look into Regis History from November 1, 1950

Regis has a full and wonderful history with a few interesting and odd moments.  As documented through the Regis Herald, a student-run newspaper that began in the 1930s, student trends and American history blend into a uniquely Regis artifact.  Regis Life will be sponsoring a new piece of Regis’ past each week, so stay tuned for more information.

‘Princess’ Prefers Life in America


Courtesy of the Regis Herald November 1, 1950 issue:


“‘I’m quite content to be an American college girl rather than a Turkish princess,’ said Margaret Hassan, freshman, in an interview. 


Had Macedonia survived as a united monarchy, Margie would be a royal princess today.  At the turn of the century, her grandfather was reigning sovereign in Turkish Macedonia.  Margie’s father fell heir to the throne, about 1910, when his father was assassinated.


Then only 8 years old, Mr. Hassan, too young to assume the duties of ruling the kingdom, was sent to the United States to study.  In his absence, the nation was governed by an uncle, until it was dissolved after World War I.


Mr. Hassan made several return visits to his native country, but has chosen to become an American citizen. 


Margie, a graduate of Amherst High school, expects to concentrate in business.”


I was so fascinated to read that potential princess came to Regis!  If you want to read more articles from the Regis Herald or are interested in past Regis student life, come to the Regis Archives, which is located in the Fine Arts Center (FAC).


All photographs of articles and students are taken from the Regis College archives.



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