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Humans of Regis: Meet Alycia Nardini

Alycia Nardini, Nursing Major, Class of 2021

“What lead you to Regis?”

“I have a close family friend who goes here and she couldn’t stop raving about the community and the level of education she was getting for her dollar.”

“How can people be your friend?”

“In terms of like actually getting my attention is pretty simple, you just have to smile and be nice and you have to laugh. If you can’t have a good time then leave, even when you’re having a bad time than you’re not succeeding. Staying my friend, it’s pretty simple human characteristics that you want from people; honesty, appreciation, transparency, things that make you feel genuinely connected. I could look at one of my friends and have them see the look in my eye, understand what’s going on. They understand that there are certain things that I need to hear from them as my friends.”

“What is your favorite thing about yourself?”

“It’s actually a newly understood trait, and I’m gonna pat myself on the back a little bit for it, but this quality makes me the core of my friend group. It’s my approachability and the trust I build with my friends. For some strange reason, and I don’t know if I am doing this consciously or subconsciously, but something about me lets my friends really trust me and really feel like they can be themselves and say what they need to say. They know what they’re saying to me doesn’t get spread.”

Cole Anderson

Cole Anderson

Class of 2021, Sports Management Major and Athletic Coaching Minor; Track & Field Throwing Team.