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Summer is Here! Learn About Some Student Plans for Summer 2018

It’s been a long semester, hasn’t it?  Just now, we are approaching the end of finals season.  Congratulations to everyone on their hard work!  What are our student plans for this summer?

Personally, I’ll be taking classes here at Regis and working as the Transfer Relations Orientation Coordinator.  I’m really excited to work with all of the student leaders on our campus, and soon you may be reading some articles from them, so keep an eye out! 

Madison Wiggins (Class of 2020) described how her best memory from this semester was running the Earth Day celebration recently.  She was excited to present an article about some environmental controversies.  She jokingly mentioned how she was most excited about “Getting vaccinations for nursing” this summer.  Aside from that, she’ll also be going on a road trip to Colorado and even getting her yoga instructor certification!  Wow! The RegisLife staff hopes that Maddy can bring this gift to Regis in upcoming semesters.  For Fall 2018, Maddy is most excited for taking the Essentials of Nursing class.

Mitchell Weiner (Class of 2021) has just finished up his first full year at Regis College.  In that time, he has focused on his studies, but also on athletics and student leadership.  It’s wonderful to see a first-year student getting so involved.  Mitch said that “The best part from this semester would probably be the balance of being a student athlete.  It is truly amazing what the athletes here do with their academics and athletics.”  After hearing the speeches and seeing the sense of community at the Athletics Awards, this certainly rings true!  Over the summer, Mitchell will be continuing his efforts with tennis, as he’ll be working at a country club back home in Texas.  He also plans on getting ahead with his classes by taking two summer courses.  He noted how, “Next semester I’m looking forward to getting back with my friends and coaches and having another successful year academically and with tennis.”

Pauline Seremetis (Class of 2019) has had an awesome semester filled with hard work and dedication!  Pauline is incredibly committed to her academics; one of her favorite parts of this semester was attending all of the new neuroscience lectures.  She also highlights the annual Regis 5K hosted by Health Services.  Overall, though, her favorite part was “Continuing the friendships that I made with others.”  Over the summer, she will be taking three summer classes at Regis, and she will actually be graduating a whole year early!  Originally a member of the Class of 2020, Pauline will be graduating in the Spring of 2019!  Congratulations!  She’ll also be going to Nashville with family over the summer.  However, she highlights that she is most looking forward to “Running the Falmouth Road Race on August 19th on behalf of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Needham.  My goal is to fundraise $1,200 and all the money I raise will go towards research.”  If you’d like to donate to Pauline’s efforts, click here!  After the summer, Pauline will be completely invested in her Neuroscience internship.  She will be found in the lab and working on research.  She also notes that she will be excited to act as a mentor in “Welcoming the new freshmen on campus.”

Jake McCaffrey (Class of 2020) just finished his first full year here as a transfer student.  Right away, Jake embraced a leadership role and fit right in.  We are happy to have him!  Throughout his year here as a Nursing major, Jake notes that his favorite memory was, “Taking care of my first patient.”  Certainly, Jake put in a lot of work to get to this point, and there is no-one half as dedicated to helping others as Mr. McCaffrey!  Over the summer, he plans to work and keep up with his studies, but he notes that he will definitely make time to “enjoy the sun!”  In the future semesters, Jake is most excited to continue with his clinical rotations.

Isabella Howells (Class of 2020) loved being involved with the Dance Company Show.  She says, “The shows are always a lot of fun and all there is is positive energy.  We put in a lot of hard work over the two semesters and during the shows,  seeing all the people come and support us is truly a great thing.”  Over the summer, alongside other students from Regis and Johnson and Wales, she will be going to Argentina   She says that, “We will be helping families and children who are malnourished with a non-profit foundation.”  Once she returns, she plans on continuing to work a summer job.  Next semester, Bella will be working with dance company again.  She also say, “ I’ll also be looking forward to giving tours in that semester for seniors in high school because that is when they are deciding where they want to apply to and hopefully give them the best impression of the school so they end up wanting to be here for the next four years of their lives!”

Overall, whoever you are and wherever you go, we want you to keep in mind that you are a valued part of the community here.  We cannot wait for everyone to return.  We here at RegisLife wish you all a healthy and happy summer filled with sunshine!


Elaine Kearney

Elaine Kearney

Hello there! I'm Elaine! I'm a double major here at Regis: Psychology and Neuroscience. I also have a minor in English. I am a very active student leader on campus. I'm incredibly passionate about literature and writing, and I am absolutely honored to be sharing that with you guys!