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A Sneak Peek into the 2018 Honors Program Gala

My name is Elena Sidiropoulos.  I am a freshman here at Regis, studying psychology. I commute from Newton, but I have found myself very much at home here.

Have you recently heard of the Gala that Regis is holding on April 22nd.  The Gala is being held from 5 to 9 p.m. in the Fine Arts Center on campus – so spread the word!  It is like prom all over again!  Except, this time, you not only wear a fancy dress – you help spread awareness for the Hospitality Center.  The Hospitality Center, facilitated by Kelly Golden, is available to students who have found themselves struggling economically.  It provides resources and materials.  Also, this Gals can help the greater community understand Regis on a deeper level.

The Gala is hosted by students in the Honors Program.  As a freshman in this program, I get exposed to opportunities that can help further my understanding of my own career and can help the Regis community every month.  Due to me being in the Honors Program, I have met many different people who I have become friends with and have made many long-term connections.  Lauren Mercer (Class of 2018), who attended the very first Gala says “It’s fun to get dressed up and be like a [“real”] adult.”  She also states that it is important to support the Hospitality Center here on campus because it helps out our students.  She describes the atmosphere as relaxing and kind of like a gallery opening.  Along with supporting a brilliant cause, the night will certainly have a fun and engaging atmosphere for students and guests alike.

In a sense, you are helping the dear neighbor and that is what Regis is all about.

Article credit to Elena Sidiropoulos. 


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