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Get Out and Vote!: Information on the Ballot Questions

We know that ballot questions are always confusing to read. Therefore, if you don’t know what you’re reading, you don’t know how to vote for the right option. So, don’t get stuck at the voting booth! Read what we have to say about the questions and we can help you can make your decisions with this information.


Question 1: Patient-to-Nurse Limits

This question is about whether or not there should be a limit on how many patients a nurse can take at a time and, should this limit be surpassed, hospitals can be imposed a fine of $25,000.

To vote yes would mean that the limits will be imposed and nurses unions approve of this option in order to improve patient satisfaction and more safety.

To vote no will have no change to the current laws and is approved by the hospital industry as they believe this will increase wait times.

Question 2: Commission on Limiting Election Spending and Corporate Rights

This question could create a citizen’s commission for possible amendments to the Constitution about Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court ruling about the rights of corporations and whether they should have the same rights as humans and the financial aspect of campaigning.

To vote yes would create a citizen’s commissions to possibly overturn the Supreme Court ruling and look into the influence of financial contribution of campaigning.

To vote no would leave things the same.

Question 3: Transgender Anti-Discrimination

This question is whether or not to repeal the transgender anti-discrimination laws made in 2016 that prohibited discrimination of transgender people in public places.

To vote yes would actually keep the law the same, something supported by the LGBTQ+ community of Massachusetts.

To vote no would repeal this law, allowing the discrimination of transgender people in public spaces.


Don’t forget, if you feel you are not fully informed on these issues, do some research on your own! There are some great websites out there that wonderful for laying out the facts about these ballot questions. This explanation of the questions are so you get the basic idea of what is being asked and who backs each decision.

As voting day comes closer, the decision for the questions become more important. These questions could determine the futures and careers of some of our citizens, so make the decision you think best. But remember, go out and vote!


Adrianna Kinney

Adrianna Kinney

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