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Song of the Rising Sun

Surrounded by the gradual brightness of the rising sun,

a bird sings its song,

unburdened by the fear of the morning.


The sheets are warm and kind and comfortable,

and you remain within,

happily sleeping in your cocoon of safety.


There are no deadlines or papers or tests.

You do not feel the cold in your room.

You do not feel the anxiety in the pit of your stomach.


Your alarm remains silent,

as does the house,

the sweet quiet you have been craving.


Sleep draws you in once more and,

as your eyes drift close once more,

the bird sings its lullaby.


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Adrianna Kinney

Adrianna Kinney

Hi! I'm a first-year student at Regis College and I am double majoring in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, and Psychology. I love reading and writing, mostly fiction, and I hope to make a career out of it.