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The Hospitality Center is Accepting Dorm Donations

It’s that time of the semester once again.  It is one of the little inconveniences that you just have to deal with once you get to college, and yet it’s something that most people try to avoid thinking about. Post-finals, it becomes “Move Out Season.”

Yup, everything in your dorm room has to be removed.  Sure, you get to go home after, but the actual packing and carrying is a process (to say the least).  Fortunately, some of us have parents that can come up and help us out.  Others aren’t so lucky, and the moving process becomes an afternoon-long activity.  But hey, it’s a sign that it’s almost time to celebrate – you’re done with the semester!  Congratulations on your hard work!

Want to contribute even more to Regis before the semester ends?  Have a lot of gently used supplies that you don’t want to take home with you during the brutal “Move Out Season”?  Donate them!

Starting this week, you’ll see boxes in every dorm across campus for the Hospitality Center.  As mentioned in this previous RegisLife article, the Hospitality Center is meant to provide food and other resources to Regis students who may find themselves dealing with some type of financial difficulty.

There is no better cause and no better way to impact the Regis community. If you have anything that can be used, don’t throw it away – donate!


Elaine Kearney

Elaine Kearney

Hello there! I'm Elaine! I'm a double major here at Regis: Psychology and Neuroscience. I also have a minor in English. I am a very active student leader on campus. I'm incredibly passionate about literature and writing, and I am absolutely honored to be sharing that with you guys!