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Boston: The Best Stop on Any Concert Tour

It was October seventh.  It was a Saturday.  My stomach seemed as if it was filled with butterflies and sometimes I lost track of whether I was nervous or excited.  I boarded the train at Riverside Station.  I had a half hour ride ahead of me, and I filled that time with music that was blaring through my headphones.  I got off at Park Street, which is right in the heart of the city.  It’s surrounded by stores and restaurants galore; there are always people running from place to place.  I realized that I was early.  I had so much extra time that I decided to stop at an iconic place: Dunkin Donuts (because I’m most certainly a traditional New Englander).  I then walked along Tremont Street, one of the most popular streets in Boston, until I found my destination.

I was one of the first twenty people in line.  I tapped my foot anxiously.  I had my ticket in my hand.  I kept taking out my phone, checking the time, putting it away, and repeating over and over again. All I wanted was for this dream to come true.

Promptly at 5:00 p.m., the doors opened.  Tickets were scanned as we were all let into the venue.  I found a great place to stand that was rather close to the stage and I felt struck by sheer anticipation.  It had been a year since my last concert.  This time, all I wanted was to see my favorite band: The Wonder Years.  Typically an upbeat punk band, the group recently released an acoustic album.  This surprise was pleasantly received by fans.  In face, here in Boston, the album was so well-loved that the concert sold out completely.  There were 1,200 people in one venue that night.

This is the beauty of attending a concert in Boston.  Though mostly college students, there were individuals of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.  After going to a lot of rock shows, I actually recognized a good amount of my fellow concert-goers.  Concerts in Boston can easily become their own communities, and this is the case of what happened with The Wonder Years.  Over one thousand people gathered together to sing the same songs and feel the same emotions.  This was a true bonding experience within the Boston punk rock community, as the acoustic songs by this band expressed their sentiments in a new and immensely powerful way.

No matter which concert you plan on attending in Boston, there is something for you here.  From acoustic punk to hip hop to country, you’ll find something!   This city, and especially our music and performance communities, are incredibly welcoming.  You definitely feel involved, you start to know that you’re in the right place.  It’s actually amazing how, for at least one night, you can make a concert venue feel so much like home.


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Elaine Kearney

Elaine Kearney

Hello there! I'm Elaine! I'm a double major here at Regis: Psychology and Neuroscience. I also have a minor in English. I am a very active student leader on campus. I'm incredibly passionate about literature and writing, and I am absolutely honored to be sharing that with you guys!