Student Spotlights

Making the Most Out of Your College Experience

By: Dexter Jeanty, Orientation Leader

Unlike many universities that anyone could attend, Regis College is not the largest and not the smallest.  Some may hear that and cringe at the population of the school or be upset about the size, but I believe Regis is the perfect school for me.  This school is what you make of it.  You can grab it the by the reins and make it a wonderful experience. The beauty of this campus is that even though it is small the amount of diversity that you can find is amazing.  I have never heard of Cape Verdean until my first week at Regis and I thought everyone was joking with me.  Being a smaller campus might sound like a problem, but when you can connect with not just individuals but also staff it changes your future.  Connections are everything outside the world of college.  By the end of your four years I guarantee that that freshmen class you had at your orientation will become your family.  That family will help you out in the future.  I know Communications, Biology, Psychology, Political, and Teaching majors who I know will take care of me the same way I will take care of them with my major.  My class, my family, my friends are all the same.  These same faces I see every day help pave not only my future but also create great moments of debate and learning.  I have thrived at Regis and have made it into my own.  Making it into my own dream is easy as long as I continue to put forth my effort.


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