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Meet Adrianna Kinney: Content Producer for Regis Life

Adrianna Kinney (Andy) is originally from Somerville, Massachusetts and is double major in English and Psychology at Regis.  In addition to producing content for RegisLife, Andy serves as the Treasurer of the American Sign Language (ASL) Club, Treasurer of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), and is a member of the Glee Singers.

One of Andy’s favorite things to do is write for Regis Life.  She writes the most for our site, producing creative content as well as covering the various events that are happening on campus.  I asked Andy why she loves to write so much and she said, “I want to leave a legacy for myself, like my favorite authors before me.  I also like being able to change how people think of the world.”  Andy has been writing for as long as she could remember and Regis Life gave her a place to publish her writings and receive positive feedback from her peers.  Andy recommends that anyone who has an interest in writing should join Regis Life or submit their work to our site.

Another group that Andy is a part of on campus is the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).  Andy said she loves Gay Straight Alliance because she likes providing a safe space for other people.  Andy is also a part of the American Sign Language Club (ASL).  I asked Andy why she is a big part of both of these clubs and she replied that, “GSA and ASL are close to my heart because I like creating safe spaces for those who need it and teaching others new things that they probably have never heard of.”

In addition to Regis Life, GSA, and ASL, Andy is also a part of the Glee Singers.  The Glee Club is Regis’s choir and houses the best singers on campus.  Andy has been singing since she was young and has always been very passionate about singing. Andy said that, “With Glee, I can become better and spend time with my wonderful friends in the class.”

Nolan Bebarta

Nolan Bebarta

Nolan is a Sophomore from San Francisco majoring in Business with a double minor in Economics and Data Analytics. Nolan also plays for the Men's tennis team, is an Orientation Leader, and is a Pride Guide at Regis.