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Meet Bridget Colburn: Regis Life Photographer and Videographer

Bridget, originally from Walpole, Massachusetts, is studying Diagnostic Medical Sonography at Regis.  She is the photographer and videographer for Regis Life, but she also covers events on campus and writes weekly articles as well.  In addition to her role with Regis Life staff, she also is a writer for the Odyssey community at Regis and serves as a member of the Regis PrideStanders.

Growing up, Bridget was never a huge writer, but when she joined the Odyssey community at Regis, she uncovered a talent she had no idea she had.  Bridget’s favorite part about writing for Odyssey is that she can make her own decisions about her content and she can write about whatever she wants rather than going off some sort of topic or prompt.  Her first article for Odyssey included a personal description of her parents and their role in law enforcement.  She talked about how proud she is of them for going to work every day and putting in their everything even though they may not have too many fans.  Her second favorite article is one that she wrote for her brother when his hockey team made the “Super 8” hockey tournament.  Bridget explained to me that the “Super 8” is a hockey tournament, which is compiled of the top 8 teams from around the state and it is extremely hard to get into.  Both of those articles went viral almost immediately and that showed Bridget that people really care about what she has to say, which has given her inspiration to publish more articles.

Another group Bridget is involved with on campus is the Pridestanders.  The Pridestanders is a group on campus that raises awareness for the dangers and reality of sexual assault on college campuses.  I asked Bridget why she decided to get involved with the Pridestanders and she replied,” It’s definitely a touchy subject for a lot of people, but I feel like it is a subject of great importance.”

Bridget is the oldest of four kids so she has always been the one to set an example for them.  She said that one of her favorite things has always been watching them grow up into the people they are today.  When I asked Bridget about her siblings one of the first things she said was,” I feel like I miss a lot when I’m at school, so whenever I have free time, I try to go to as many of their games as I can.”  She also said that she is always amazed at how well her siblings play whenever they are on the field or the ice.  Bridget told me that her favorite time of the year is the summer because she gets to spend it in Humarock with her family and friends.

Tune in again next week for another spotlight article on one of our writers and don’t forget to check out last week’s article on Ariana McCormack!

Nolan Bebarta

Nolan Bebarta

Nolan is a Sophomore from San Francisco majoring in Business with a double minor in Economics and Data Analytics. Nolan also plays for the Men's tennis team, is an Orientation Leader, and is a Pride Guide at Regis.