Student Spotlights

Meet the Orientation Leader Coordinators for the 2018 Orientation Team

Elaine Kearney, ’20

Position: Transfer Relations Coordinator

Hometown: Plymouth MA

Major: Psychology and Neuroscience with a minor in

English and a concentration in secondary education.

Why  Elaine Loves Being an OL: “I truly love welcoming all of the new students on to our campus and seeing how their experiences, talents, and personalities can contribute to the Regis community.”

Elaine’s Favorite Part of Orientation: “My favorite part of Orientation is the class registration; it’s a really good time to get all of your questions cleared up and it’s so exciting to plan for the future!”

Elaine’s Memory from her Orientation: “As a transfer student, my orientation group was smaller than the ones that we have over the summer.  Because of that, we formed a super close-knit group!  I still have a ton of friends from that day.”

Elaine’s Hobbies: Studying, tutoring, writing for Regis Life and giving tours around campus.


Arlin Cimen, ’19

Position: Logistics Coordinator

Hometown: Watertown, MA                                                            

Major: Nursing

Why Arlin Loves Being an OL:  “I love being an Orientation Leader and helping incoming students adjust to Regis and make the transition a little easier for them.”

Arlin’s Favorite Part of Orientation: “My favorite part was meeting so many new people and becoming close with the other Orientation Leaders.”

Arlin’s Memory from her Orientation: “My favorite part about my orientation was meeting my first year seminar group and getting to know all of them and I’m still close friends with most of them and it’s crazy to think we all met at orientation and stayed friends!”

Arlin’s Hobbies: Participating in Dance Company.


Ari McCormack, ’20

Position: Communications Coordinator

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Communications and Criminal Justice l Writing minor l Pre-Law

Why Ari Loves Being an OL: “I enjoy welcoming new students to Regis and letting them know that I’m a resource for them to go to.”

Ari’s Favorite Part of Orientation: “My favorite part of orientation is meeting new students and then seeing them when they come here in the Fall and becoming friends with them.”

Ari’s Memory from her Orientation: “I remember feeling extremely welcomed and not as nervous as I thought I was going to be.  I then became really good friends with the Orientation Leaders at my Orientation, which then inspired me to apply.”

Ari’s Hobbies: Tennis, running, reading, writing, and watching Criminal Minds.

Hannah Walworth, ’20

Position: Parent and Family Coordinator

Hometown: Haverhill, MA

Major: Nursing

Why Hannah Loves Being an OL: “I love being an orientation leader because I believe it is the best opportunity to make connections on campus with the incoming freshman, other current students, and faculty.”

Hannah’s Favorite Part of Orientation: “My favorite part of orientation is always the social that we put on for them at the end of day one because it is the chance for us all to mingle as one cohesive group”.

Hannah’s Memory from her Orientation: “I remember feeling so welcomed at my orientation and leaving being so excited to become a member of the Regis family!”

Hannah’s Hobbies: Working out, spending time with family and friends, and going to the beach when the weather is nice.



Bridget Colburn

Bridget Colburn

Hey there! My name is Bridget '20 and I am from Walpole, MA. I am a Diagnostic Medical Sonography major and I am a writer for Regis Life.