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Ready to Run: Pauline Seremetis to Run in the Falmouth Road Race

The summer is always an exciting time for college students. It’s most certainly a time to build your resume, go on trips, participate in extracurricular activities, get ahead on classes, catch up with old friends, or work to save some money. When the summer comes, there are endless opportunities.

One in particular is the Falmouth Road Race. This event is incredibly popular amongst locals to Cape Cod and Massachusetts as a whole. People will line the streets and cheer for runners as they pass by. The atmosphere is similar to that of the Boston Marathon, except there is an even stronger sense of community because the majority of those involved are local. This event is a 7.1 mile run along the coast and typically attracts 13,000 people each year. The race starts in a more forest-like area; runners will find themselves surrounded by trees and wildlife. The last three miles are more coastal, as they will run along Martha’s Vineyard Sound. The race will take place this year on Sunday, August 19. In fact, Regis College student Pauline Seremetis will be running for the first time!

Pauline Seremetis is a member of the Class of 2019. She is a Neuroscience major, and will be graduating an entire year early! She is hard-working and dedicated, and says that it is important to “always have a positive outlook on life in order to achieve my goals. I am motivated and persistent to be the best student I can be.” During the school year, Pauline can be found working as a tutor in the Learning Commons; she helps students with Pathophysiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and more. After her time here at Regis, Pauline plans on continuing her education at the graduate level.

Pauline described the route of the Falmouth Road Race, mentioning it goes from “Woods Hole, a village in the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts, to Falmouth Heights.” Even though she has not run the race before, she is most excited for the ocean view. She has gained a lot of support from her family and friends, and described the route by saying: “One of my friends who has run this race before said that the scenery is beautiful and you get the fresh ocean breeze as you run by.”

Seven miles is no easy feat! Pauline is inspired and motivated to run the Falmouth Road Race by two of her friends who ran the Boston Marathon, Jessica Looney and Megan Bubello (click here for a spotlight story on Megan). She says, “They were the ones always encouraging me to do my best and supporting me to run more miles.” This year, Pauline will be running to support Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. She says that their “mission is to provide compassionate patient care and allows patient care to continue to function at the highest level that the community respects and deserves. I am honored to run on behalf of BID Needham and I hope to inspire others to run as well.”

To prepare, Pauline said she has been “training hard for this race for about 8 months. I run about 13-14 miles each week.” Many Regis College students have probably seen Pauline working out in the Athletic Center on campus, and she has definitely been dedicated to improving her performance. On a typical Friday, Pauline runs about seven miles! She has also taken it outside of the gym environment, saying that “I have been running hills in my workouts and trails that are near my house to build up my stamina.”

This year, Pauline’s primary goal is to support her organization of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. However, she has some personal goals as well. She is hoping to complete the race in an hour. She said, “it’s been a journey this past 8 months but I am ready to give everything I have on this course. I just want to cross that finish line with flying colors.” In the next two years, Pauline’s personal goals are even more intense, as she plans on training for a half marathon. She notes that the biggest challenge will be the hills of the forest-like area at the very start of the race. One of her favorite quotes is by Winston Churchill, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” She said, “I know if I put my mind to it I can get past it.” Pauline is excited to meet new people with shared interests by the end of the race. She also says that “the best part will be the support of the crowd along the way”.

While the Falmouth Road Race is at the front of Pauline’s mind, she is also staying busy by taking three summer courses at Regis. She is looking forward to a family vacation to Nashville, Tennessee laterthis summer. She spends most of her time working at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Needham, and enjoys catching up with friends.

Congratulations to Pauline for participating in this event that really provides a sense of community. This is a wonderful cause, and the Regis College community is proud of you and wishes you the best!

To support Pauline with comments or donations, please check out her Runner’s Profile here.

For more information about the Falmouth Road Race in general, check out their website here.


Elaine Kearney

Elaine Kearney

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