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Serving the World Community: Service Trips to New Orleans and Los Angeles

During the upcoming winter break, two groups of wonderful students will be taking trips to help those rebuild their lives and begin anew.  One group will be heading to New Orleans, Lousiana for a week in order to aid the St. Bernard Parish Housing Project with rebuilding houses for those in New Orleans who were affected by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.  Despite the twelve years since the hurricane, many are still displaced and trying to restore their lives after the devastation of horribly strong winds and severe flooding causing extreme property damage.  These students will work alongside locals and fellow volunteers to make sure that the people who lost their homes and lives to Hurricane Katrina will be able to have a clean, warm place to live as well as raise their families.

The other group will be going to Los Angeles, California for a week to work with Homeboy Industries, where ex-convicts go to receive assistance in reintegrating into society as honest citizens.  This group will be taking tours of the city to experience first-hand the poverty and homelessness that surround parts of Los Angeles so that the students will understand the struggles and environment of those who live in that situation.  Then, the group will volunteer at Homeboy Industries and create relationships with the people at the non-profit.

The amazing aspect of both trips are the development of relationships between the Regis students and the people they are working with.  They are able to learn more about the experiences of those in the situation, whether a survivor of Katrina or an ex-convict, and reflect about their own lives while building lasting relationships.


Adrianna Kinney

Adrianna Kinney

Hi! I'm a first-year student at Regis College and I am double majoring in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, and Psychology. I love reading and writing, mostly fiction, and I hope to make a career out of it.