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Sometimes Our Journey is More Important Than Our Destination

By: Hannah Walworth, Orientation Leader

We all have a plan set out for ourselves.  Whether we come into college undecided on our major or have one all mapped out for ourselves, there is always some sort of plan installed.  Now sometimes that plan gets altered and when this happens we have one of two choices: we can throw the towel in or we can reset, adjust and create a new plan for ourselves.  Unfortunately, I had to adjust mine recently and I am here to tell you all what it took me an extremely long time to realize.  You are not the first and you most definitely are not going be the last.  It should never matter how long it takes you to get somewhere as long as you get to where you’re going.               

 I am a Nursing major and now will be graduating a year behind schedule.  After taking some time to truly think about what I wanted to do, I decided to pick up a minor in Public Health, build up my cumulative GPA, and focus on those classes in the upcoming fall semester until I can begin my nursing curriculum again.  In the meantime, I will be working as a clinical care technician (basically another title for a certified nursing assistant) at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.  I have already fallen in love with the staff, the Cardiomyopathy unit I am working on, and most of all my patients who already have had the chance to open my eyes every single day to how beautiful life is.  To me, that’s what it is all about- loving what you do and doing what you love.  Who knows, maybe in this extra year I will learn something that will save someone’s life some day or meet a patient that will have a lasting impact on my own life.  The options are endless and I have allowed myself to open up to a vast variety of possibilities.

Moving forward from this point, I thank not only my family tremendously, but everyone at Regis for their ongoing support. They are all a constant reminder to me to never give up on something I have wanted for so long.  Don’t be scared of change.  If something does not work out in your favor, learn to adjust.  Life is full of curve balls.  Let the bad days challenge you and better yet let the good days be a reminder to you of everything you’ve gone through to get to where you are.

So if your plan changes, don’t be scared and don’t feel alone.  We are all flawed, nobody is perfect, and if you have a dream never let anyone or anything stand in your way.  We are often too fixated on arriving at our destination that we forget to enjoy the journey along the way.


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