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Winter 2017: Regis Student Plans for Winter Break

What are your plans over break?  Every student on this campus has a unique background and therefore has different plans and goals over the winter break.  I went around and asked students what their plans were and what they were looking forward to the most.  I also asked what their intentions and goals were for next semester.  Let’s see what our students are up to:

Julie Flores, 2020, is eagerly waiting for acceptance into the nursing program.  In the new year, Julie is ready to “make new friends and see everyone again!”  She is “most excited to start clinicals next semester,” and feels like she can really make strong contributions to the community.

Grant Kollien, 2021, is ready to go home for the holidays!  He is most looking forward to seeing “a lot of friends returning from college – lots of catching up to do!”  Next semester, he plans on swimming, studying and starting up a new video game club!

Nathaniel Sanchez, 2020, plans on spending time with his friends and loved ones over the break.  Next semester, he believes he is very “lucky to have a schedule that allows me to have time for personal growth.  Next year, I’ll be able to hit the ground running and absolutely destroy school!”

Lauren Mercer, 2018, looks forward to taking some time to relax until she goes to Florida with the Regis College Glee Club!  Over the break, she is most looking forward to going to Disney with her friends. Next semester, she is definitely pumped for Senior Week!

Monica Walcek, Sophomore Class President, plans on using this upcoming break to work not just one, but two jobs.  She is most excited for her cousin’s wedding “because I’ll see a lot of family I don’t see often.”  Next semester, her number one goal is to devote all her time to planning events for the sophomore class.  In the future, she longs to start clinicals and really engage with nursing school.  She is also eager for her upcoming service trip to Peru over Spring Break.

Lexi Duddy, 2021, is most looking forward to spending time with her family and especially “getting to snuggle my dogs whenever I want!”  Next semester, she plans on devoting all of her energy to her classes and work in the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing.


Stephanie Bitsoli, 2018, plans on taking some time to recover from her recent concussion.  However, she is super excited for the upcoming semester.  She is excited to go to Disney with her father right before his birthday and Christmas; she is most excited to spend time with her family and boyfriend.  Next semester, she will be doing her education practicum!  She will also be working in the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing in the Learning Commons.  Currently, she is drafting plans to go to Europe at the end of next semester!


John Abbate, 2018, is waiting for random, fun “unexpected things to pop up; I don’t have a single thing that I’m most excited about, but I’m particularly looking forward to both being able to sleep in and being able to see my pets more (and, you know, not having to worry about classes, but I feel like that’s a given).”  John is excited to be graduating next semester, saying he is “both excited and kind of sad that it’ll be the end of my time here – I’ll definitely miss the people.”


Steven Reyes, 2020, mentions that he plans on “spending as much time as possible with my family and my friends.  I also get to be with this year’s L.A. service trip”.  As enthusiastic as he is for this opportunity, he finds “the most exciting thing of break is having homemade food from my mom and my comfy bed!”  He also admits that he is “counting down the days until my flight.”  He plans on devoting all of his time to academics next semester, even finding new and innovative ways to study.  That said, he is definitely planning on being “a part of the Dance Company show again for my second year.  I am also excited for any upcoming events, like Spring Week, and any others.”


So, what are your plans over break?  Tweet @RegisLifeMA and share them with us! 


Elaine Kearney

Elaine Kearney

Hello there! I'm Elaine! I'm a double major here at Regis: Psychology and Neuroscience. I also have a minor in English. I am a very active student leader on campus. I'm incredibly passionate about literature and writing, and I am absolutely honored to be sharing that with you guys!